CCTV Surveillance Systems

Because the world is changing rapidly, methods applied to the securing of life and property have had to be continually updated. It is well-known that without an assurance of security, growth and development may be impeded.  Therefore, the importance of security to businesses can never be over-emphasised…

CCTV Camera
Access Control/Time & Attendant Systems

Access Control/Time & Attendant Systems

Biometric reductions in errors have lowered the capital costs of ID cards in recent years and the true benefit of eliminating them is realized through reduced administrative efforts. For example, a lost card must be replaced and reissued by someone.

Fibre Installations

For the highest speed in data transfer fibre optic connections half time and again proven beyond doubt the best Solutions available. The fibre-optic infrastructure that would readily scale to ever-changing needs and eventually be truly cost-saving however requires high levels of expertise. That is where first signal technologies come into play.

First Signal Technologies

Networking (LAN & WAN)

Because we have spent several years working on projects of varying complexities, we have become well-positioned to deploy large, hybrid computer networks. From basic structured cabling services to cable management in large data centres. We have a track record that proves our capabilities.

Web Development & Hosting

The internet has turned the world into a global village. Therefore, businesses are accessible from any part of the world. Our clients can be anywhere in the world. The speed of communication over the Internet makes the exchanges of ideas over incredibly long distances distances possible. And owning a website is a wonderful way to put the internet to good use. If you’re considering creating a website for your company or touching up an existing site, you have definitely come to the right place.

Web Development